Rehi friends of CP/M and 8-bit technology!

It's about time for you to check your rolodexes and calendars as another big event is casting its shadow ahead:

Z-Fest 2005!

on July 2 and 3, 2005
in the "Dorfgemeinschaftshaus", Fuldatal-Knickhagen

starting at 10 o'clock in the morning, open end...

This invititation is meant for everyone interested in CP/M and Z80 computers, as well as for all friends of historical computing - since many historical computers can be seen there in action.
Anyway, what makes the Z-Fest unique between all other meetings of that kind, is its good vibrations and cosiness, not only caused by the location, but also by the visitors themselves and naturally by our hosts, whose friendly and relaxed mentality create rather the atmosphere of a party than just that of a regular computer meeting.
Besides different hard- and software projects, the visitor will enjoy handmade cakes, coffee, movies and a comfortable meal on Saturday night, sometimes followed - as far as provided - by the joint visit of a local festivity in the vicinity of the meeting place.

Scheduled specials for the ZFest 2005:

Got your own ideas for specials? Drop us a line!

About our meeting place:
Fuldatal-Knickhagen is situated in the north of Kassel, i.e. in the middle of Germany. A route description and hotel reservation possibilities can be found on this site (in German only, sorry).

For registration, requests and other hassles please contact:

That's it, so happy computing to everybody!

Gaby Chaudry & Helmut Jungkunz